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From New York City to Harbour Island Bahamas with Love

I kid you not but out of about every 5 brides that reach out to me in any given month, at least 3 of them will be New Yorkers! I find this interesting given that I spend a great deal of time each year in NYC and it is the place where I received most of my international hair and makeup training and exposure. Consequently, meeting brides that hail from NYC always conjures up fond memories and experiences of perhaps my most favourite destination; besides the Bahamas of course!

One of the challenges of having a wedding on smaller islands outside of New Providence is the fact that it’s hard to find makeup artists and hairstylists who have their fingers on the pulse of what’s trending in the industry.  Erica, reached out to me just before her wedding,  as she was in search of a capable hairstylist to create a style she had envisioned for her wedding day.  She even sent me images of versions of the style done by her hairstylist back home in NYC so that I fully understood exactly what she wanted.

Following quite a few emails back and forth, we set the date for her hair trial 2 days preceding her wedding. After a few test runs we mastered the perfect fit for her vision. On the wedding day, needless to say she got EXACTLY what she had hoped, the perfect chignon hairstyle.

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